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C.O.P.S. International President: Ji Guo Qiu

C.O.P.S. International President: Ji Guo Qiu

C.O.P.S. International is divided into two departments. Department one is the Certified Officer Protection System which is training for Public and Private Police, Military, Special Security Detail Members, Private Investigators, Corrections Officers, Fugitive Recovery Specialists and Professional Bodyguards.

Department two provides Police Academy Style training to civilians for the purpose of personal protection and self-defense. These courses are divided into age groups and by gender to best provide for the specific needs of students.

There is a growing awareness of the need to learn reality based self-defense. If the student works in such fields as law enforcement, investigations, corrections, body guarding, or fugitive recovery a complete understanding and mastering of an advanced level, internationally approved, and effective self-defense system is crucial for job performance and personal safety. Similarly the need for civilians to learn paramilitary threat recognition and self-protection is equally important. C.O.P.S. was developed in order to provide professional self-defense and personal protection training to all types of students, regardless of age, race, sex or experience level.

Our mission is to create public awareness about the existence of potential threats, to learn how to counter them, to build self-confidence and to increase the effectiveness of modern defensive tactics training.

C.O.P.S. will provide cutting edge learning concepts as well as practical training for the absolute benefit of any student. We are accredited by the Korean Military Arts Federation and our system has been tested and proven by the Korean National Police College, Active Duty Military and Special Police Units worldwide.

Our goal is to constantly evaluate existing self-defense techniques, to improve all skill levels, and to provide the best individual training experience available for every program participant from one day course attendees all the way through our C.O.P.S. Instructor Certification Program. With our courses C.O.P.S. intends to change the way the world views self-defense training and how people react during personal emergencies as a positive step toward ending violent crime in our global society.

If you are a qualified Service Member, Law Enforcement Officer or Martial Arts Instructor who would like to become a part of our organization and join in our Mission then we invite you to follow the directions below to become a member and attend our training and certification courses.

First: Click Here to download the application form. Print it out and fill it out completely.

Second: Click Here to download the mailing label. Attach it to an envelope. Enclose the completed application form along with money order for appropriate  fees and mail it to our processing office in Beijing, China.

Once approved you will receive your membership certificate and invitation to various training events around the world. We look forward to working with you.

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