Below you will find a description of the courses taught by C.O.P.S. International. Visit our Directory page to find a location near you.

C.O.P.S. – Civilian Oriented Police System Courses

Police academy self-defense

Learn the same self-defense techniques taught to Law Enforcement and Elite Military Units around the world in these exciting programs. All courses are taught in a Police Academy style format for the best possible learning environment.

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1 Day C.O.P.S. Self-Defense Boot Camp:

One 6-hour Day Covers:

Basic & Intermediate Tactics
Escapes and Striking Training
Weak Point Training and Self-Defense
Hand to Hand Defensive Tactics
Knife and Gun Defensive Tactics
“A” Weapons Training
1 Day Jr. C.O.P.S. Academy ages 5 to 12:

One 5-hour Day

“Circle Of Security” Instruction
Kidnapping Defense
Bully & Confidence Scenarios
Simulated 911 Calls
Written Exams

12 Week C.O.P.S. Advanced Self-Defense Academy:

Two 1 Hour Nights A Week

Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Tactics
Edge Weapons
Firearm Defense
Real Life Scenarios
Combat Conditioning
All C.O.P.S. Courses Include a certificate of training and credit toward a C.O.P.S. Instructors License.


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