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Richard Hackworth is a Multi-Arts Grand Master and former US Army Soldier turned Self-Defense Instructor who is the Editor of World Martial Arts Magazine and host of the World Martial Arts TV and Radio Shows.

How Loving Parents Protect Their Children

They Enroll Their Child in the Junior C.O.P.S. Program

             Officer James Hogwood  Hello, I am Colonel James Hogwood, US Director of Training for the C.O.P.S. Program. Through years of working in Professional Law Enforcement, I have learned that not getting through to kids at a young age would lead to either losing them forever, or working twice as hard to correct improper behavior once they became adults.  The Juvenile Justice System is a revolving door monitored by threats of supervised probation and absentee parents. This creates an environment that teens learn how to manipulate and continue their negative behavior.  It is said that every time a criminal is caught, they remember the mistakes that were made and devise a plan to improve on their techniques so they hope not to get caught in the future.

As a Law Enforcement Professional, I believe, that if the teens can improve on their negative behavior (Criminal Activities), then they can use that same incentive to build on positive behavior with the right mentors and activities to keep them busy.  There is an old saying “An idled mind is the devil’s playground”.

The other side of the coin is that our children may not be the negative ones, but they can become the victims of gang bangers, drug dealers, peer pressure, and adult pedophiles. Other concerns that they face every day are physical and mental bullying.

All of the above scenarios can be corrected through positive activities and mentors.  There are several ways to do this through sports and after school activities, but all sports and after school activities are seasonal.  Take for example things like Winter Basketball, Spring Baseball, Summer Open, and Fall Football.  However, the martial arts are year around and when they graduate from school or move away from home they don’t need to be a professional athlete to find a martial arts center and continue their lifelong journey

The Junior C.O.P.S. Program was designed by Law Enforcement Professionals and Career Martial Artist that believe that children are our future and we need to invest in them.  The Junior C.O.P.S. Program is designed to improve children’s Health and Fitness through physical activities that will increase flexibility, balance, and strength.  Remember that a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

The Junior C.O.P.S. Program was designed to increase a child’s self-confidence so that it would not be as easy for other     children to intimidate them physically or mentally. This same self-confidence will not make it so easy for an adult to use their influence to trick a child into believing that they are the only one who believes in them or loves them.

The One Day Course is designed to give a child an introduction into the positive life style of a martial artist while educating them on some of the dangers that society hides from their ears.  Hopefully through this course they will learn some of the prevention methods that fight against bullying, pedophiles, and outside influences. The other hope is that the child takes to the martial way and starts a lifetime journey on a positive path.  This journey will promote a life time of physical fitness and self-confidence.

Other benefits that come for the Martial Arts are the ability to learn through visual, audio, hands on, reading and writing skills.  The forms and techniques learned during training will help the child with memorization skills.  The love of the arts will draw them into reading books and magazines about the martial arts which will help their learning skills.  The paramilitary structure teaches the child respect and loyalty to a cause.  This respect translates to the parents and mentors in life such as teachers, law enforcement personnel and other authority figures.

In Summery Benefits Include;

  • Health & Fitness
    • Flexibility
    • Balance
    • Speed
    • Strength
    • Weight Control
    • Circulation
  • Self-Confidence
    • Learning
    • Physically
    • Competition
  • After School Positive Activities
    • Avoiding Drugs
    • Avoiding Gangs
    • Meeting Mentors
    • Learning to Respect One’s Elders
    • Learning to Respect One’s Parents
    • Working with Positive Mentors
    • Building Memory Skills
  • Physical Learning
  • Reading Learning
  • Visual Learning
  • Audio Learning
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