Why Take a C.O.P.S. Police Academy Self-Defense Course?

So That You Can Stop Living In FEAR And Learn How To Be Your Own Body Guard!

Because when violence strikes you don’t always have 6 to 12 minutes to wait for the Police to arrive. You need protection and you need it now!

You and your loved ones can learn to Be Smart, Be Safe and Be Empowered with Police Style self-Defense skills.

  • C.O.P.S.™ provides the most effective and realistic self-defense system for the REAL world. What we teach works on the streets because that’s when and where you will need it.
  • We cover all of the physical and mental attributes that you will need to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones.
  • We teach in a fun and uplifting environment that you will enjoy using a reality based Police Academy format.
  • There are C.O.P.S. courses designed for everyone from the elementary school age child, teens, families, moms, dads, military, security and law enforcement professionals.
  • C.O.P.S. arms you with the knowledge and skills that you need to overcome the new breed of violent criminals that roam our streets and cities.

C.O.P.S.™ Police Academy Style Training For Everyday Citizens

Our unique program combines the combat experience of military personnel, the street experience of law enforcement, close quarter combat skills of elite units and the psychology of criminal intent to give you a real fighting chance when faced with a violent attacker.

The 12 Week Academy Course is designed to be effective in situations where your survival and the lives of your family are on the line.

This unique self-defense system uses situation based scenario training to cover both the mental and physical aspects of surviving a violent encounter.


Our Team’s Goal Is To Make Society Safer for Everyone!

No matter your age, gender, or social status, you deserve to live a safe and healthy life.

This is a “Police Academy Style Course For Civilians” so there are no funny uniforms or ritualistic bowing. Just real street effective training that arms you with the skills to survive.

You will learn how to avoid dangerous situations and what to do to stay safe and defeat a violent attacker if conflict is unavoidable.


Join The Next C.O.P.S.™ Class in Your Area!

Call the location nearest you today and get free access to any of our martial arts & fitness classes until your C.O.P.S.™ Academy Course starts.

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